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 Eagles - Box Set (9 CD Collection)

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ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: Eagles - Box Set (9 CD Collection)   Tue 02 Dec 2008, 19:05

Greater than a hand-plucked menagerie of hits and outtakes,
this box set is just that—a complete set of the six studio (and one live) albums,
in their originally sequenced entirety,
recorded during the 1970s decade in which the Eagles helped define.
The nine-CD collection plays chronologically,
beginning with the folk-rock pace and Everly Brothers harmonies of the 1972
self-titled debut ("Take It Easy," "Witchy Woman," "Peaceful Easy Feeling")
and the 1973 Western concept album, Desperado ("Tequila Sunrise," "Desperado").
Don Henley and Glenn Frey added guitarist Don Felder as the band steered in a rock
direction for 1974’s On the Border ("Already Gone," "James Dean") and toward a
polished, FM-ready sound for 1975’s
One Of These Nights ("Take it to the Limit," "Lyin’ Eyes")
before guitarist Joe Walsh joined as the Eagles reached their mainstream
apex in 1976 with Hotel California
("New Kid In Town," "Life in the Fast Lane," "Hotel California").
While The Long Run in 1979 didn’t measure up to its predecessor,
it did fire off three successful singles--"Heartache Tonight," "The Long Run" and "I Can’t
Tell You Why"--and led to the farewell tour that resulted in 1980’s Eagles Live,
15 concert cuts (followed by a pair of holiday recordings)
that close out the box set and the pre-reunion career of one
of America’s most revered bands. --

Scott Holter

CD: 1
1. Take It Easy
2. Witchy Woman
3. Chug All Night
4. Most of Us Are Sad
5. Nightingale
6. Train Leaves Here This Morning
7. Take the Devil
8. Earlybird
9. Peaceful Easy Feeling
10. Tryin

CD: 2
1. Doolin-Dalton
2. Twenty-One
3. Out of Control
4. Tequila Sunrise
5. Desperado
6. Certain Kind of Fool
7. Doolin-Dalton [Instrumental]
8. Outlaw Man
9. Saturday Night
10. Bitter Creek
11. Doolin-Dalton/Desperado (Reprise)

CD: 3

1. Already Gone
2. You Never Cry Like a Lover
3. Midnight Flyer
4. My Man
5. On the Border
6. James Dean
7. Ol '55
8. Is It True
9. Good Day in Hell
10. Best of My Love

CD: 4

1. One of These Nights
2. Too Many Hands
3. Hollywood Waltz
4. Journey of the Sorcerer
5. Lyin' Eyes
6. Take It to the Limit
7. Visions
8. After the Thrill Is Gone
9. I Wish You Peace

CD: 5

1. Hotel California
2. New Kid in Town
3. Life in the Fast Lane
4. Wasted Time
5. Wasted Time (Reprise)
6. Victim of Love
7. Pretty Maids All in a Row
8. Try and Love Again
9. Last Resort

CD: 6
1. Long Run
2. I Can't Tell You Why
3. In the City
4. Disco Strangler
5. King of Hollywood
6. Heartache Tonight
7. Those Shoes
8. Teenage Jail
9. Greeks Don't Want No Freaks
10. Sad Café

CD: 7

1. Hotel California [Live]
2. Heartache Tonight [Live]
3. I Can't Tell You Why [Live]
4. Long Run [Live]
5. New Kid in Town [Live]
6. Life's Been Good [Live]

CD: 8

1. Seven Bridges Road [Live]
2. Wasted Time [Live]
3. Take It to the Limit [Live]
4. Doolin-Dalton (Reprise II) [Live]
5. Desperado [Live]
6. Saturday Night [Live]
7. All Night Long [Live]
8. Life in the Fast Lane [Live]
9. Take It Easy [Live] +Bonus

CD: 9

1. Please Come Home for Christmas
2. Funky New Year High Bit Rate



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Eagles - Box Set (9 CD Collection)
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